How does it all work then?

So how does all this free gift stuff work, well it’s not that hard really, it works on a referral based system which has been around for many years now. The whole idea is to sign up to one of the  freebie networks then pick a product of your choice. Then get “X” amount of friends or family or anyone to sign up under your referral link and to complete an offer so they go “Green” as we call it in the freebie world.

Though the people who sign up under your referral link don’t have to get “X” amount for you to get your gift, as long as they complete an offer they are considered “Completed” at your end.

But how can they offer to give away such gifts for such a small price?

The FreebieJeebies Network gets paid from being affiliates with the company’s within the offers section, what that means is they get a percentage of the sign up cost when they refer you to another site! Once you sign up or hand over money then the site owners get a percentage of the cut. Also some bigger companies in the offers section donate these gifts to the networks as an incentive for you to sign up. You have to look at this as a numbers game, if 1 person gets 10 people to sign up and to go green then those 10 will almost do the same, since if they go green they will want to finish their offer or in some cases they will go green but never complete the referrals part. It’s clever marketing but if you play things right you will benefit massively from this, and you could come home to such items as an iPhone, iTouch, 32inc TV and so on. The list of gifts is endless, so big in fact we have only picked a few to work on, as we simply can’t list them all. FreebieJeebies buys directly from Amazon.com, so if your item is on Amazon, you can be sure you can get it.

Wait a sec, you said it was for free, why do I have to complete an offer?

That is true, but people miss a big major factor within these offers! FREE TRIALS! That’s right, there is offers that give free trials to dvd rental sites and so on, which means if you don’t like what the offer or don’t want to continue then it’s totally in your hands.

Remember, if you have to pay £10 or $10, its still a damn bargin, actually, if you do your maths then let’s say if you pay 8 people to do the 8 referrals required for Gala bingo for the iPod Touch then that would only be £40 if your cash, now why pay £160 for it in the shops when you can get it for £40? It makes sense really.

Final thoughts

We hope this gives a better understanding on how this all works. Remember to check out our link to join, and have a look round the Real-Incentives website (FreebieJeebies, is one of the most trusted freebies sites, its registered and has the simplest offers, such as LoveFilm and the award winning JackpotJoy!) Remember, once you’ve signed up, you won’t have to sign up on any other free offers again, and you can do it as many times as you want, iTouch this time, PS3 next time!