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The Giveaway sites buy pricey products like iPods and gives them away. To receive the iPod, participants are asked to sign up for one free offer and to persuade five others to do the same. They have developed similar programs giving out desktop computers, laptops, flat-screen television and cell phones.

The New York Times

Surprisingly, some free products solicitation offers are not rip-offs, and can land you a slew of free stuff… you can load up on tech goodies including iPods, game consoles and HDTV’s.

The Seattle Times

The promise of getting a free iPod looks extremely dubious. But surprisingly, it appears to be legitmate. It’s a new form of marketing supported by companies like eBay, AOL & Lovefilm.


Here is a link to Wired.com, where the whole process is explained,
and another link to Engadget, where they explain how this great marketing system works!